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ParlVU is a webcasting service that provides users with access to the live and archived streams of video and audio for the House of Commons proceedings, televised committees, and the audio of all public committees.

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What’s new?
  • Live on Mobile: As of November 24, 2014, users of ParlVU (m.parl.gc.ca) on mobile devices will have "on the go" access to the live audio and video of committee meetings, as well as video on-demand services for Chamber proceedings recorded from June 2011 onward.
  • Clip edit of the House proceedings: Users accessing ParlVU from their desktop will now be able to prepare and download audio and video clips of the Chamber Proceedings themselves using the new "Create a clip" tool. This new service will allow users to identify the content they want to clip (up to 30 minutes in length) and to share it through websites and social media tools.

Upcoming Events
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Date Time Duration Title
Wednesday, Apr 1, 20151:45 PM15 MinutesSBLI Meeting No. 13
Wednesday, Apr 1, 20152:00 PM7 Hours HoC Sitting No. 194
Wednesday, Apr 1, 20153:30 PM2 Hours PACP Meeting No. 54
Wednesday, Apr 1, 20153:30 PM2 Hours CIIT Meeting No. 52
Wednesday, Apr 1, 20153:30 PM2 Hours CHPC Meeting No. 39
This Week
Thursday, Apr 2, 20158:45 AM1 Hour ACVA Meeting No. 44
Thursday, Apr 2, 201510:00 AM4 Hours 30 MinutesHoC Sitting No. 195


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