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What’s new?
  • ParlVu Mobile: Mobile users may now view the live Chamber proceedings on Blackberry 10 and most Android, iPhone, and iPad devices at the following address: m.parl.gc.ca
  • Closed Captioning: Starting October 2013, House sittings and televised committee meetings will now be offered with closed captioning on ParlVU. To access it, click the CC button at the right corner of the ParlVU player.

Upcoming Events
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Date Time Duration Title
Thursday, Oct 23, 201410:00 AM9 Hours HoC Sitting No. 131
Thursday, Oct 23, 201411:00 AM2 Hours HUMA Meeting No. 33
Thursday, Oct 23, 201411:00 AM2 Hours LANG Meeting No. 30
This Week
Friday, Oct 24, 201410:00 AM4 Hours 30 MinutesHoC Sitting No. 132
Monday, Oct 27, 20143:30 PM2 Hours SECU Meeting No. 34
Monday, Oct 27, 20143:30 PM3 Hours FINA Meeting No. 51
Tuesday, Oct 28, 20143:30 PM3 Hours FINA Meeting No. 52
Wednesday, Oct 29, 20143:30 PM3 Hours FINA Meeting No. 53


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